There are a ton of different affiliate programs out there today, and this is due to the popularity of affiliate programs in general. Affiliate marketing is evolving and because it, the old model of pay-per-click isn’t the only model around.

There is now pay-per-click, pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, residual income affiliate programs, and multi-tier affiliate programs – and this article will discuss these types of affiliate programs.

1) Pay-per-click

I’m sure you’re probably familiar with the term "pay-per-click" from Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, but pay-per-click in this sense benefits you as an affiliate. How it works is that, the merchant will pay you whenever a random visitor is referred to his site – via a banner or text ad on your website.

You get paid regardless if the visitor buys anything from the merchant, but you should know that they payout for pay-per-click affiliate programs are relatively low. The amount you get paid can range from 1 cent per click – all the way to a dollar per click.

2) Pay-per-sale

With pay-per-sale programs, the merchant will pay you a percentage of revenue when a visitor you referred buys something from their website. This is the most common type of affiliate program, and this model has been proven to work time and time again for others. Affiliate networks such as Paydotcom and Clickbank operate under this model, and have a ton of affiliates who are very successful at promoting these programs.

3) Pay-per-lead

In a pay-per-lead program, you get paid when a your referred opts-in to a signup form on the merchant website. This is usually a fixed commission that you will get paid, and is becoming very popular in the internet marketing circles. This is a structure used by finance and insurance companies, and also previously used this model. This is an easier sell than pay-per-click – but usually, it comes at a much lower commission fee payout.

4) Residual Income

This is a very exciting form of program, and many affiliates are hopping onto this bandwagon for the possibility of repeat sales. In this form of affiliate program, you get paid every month for each visitor that you referred who signup for a particular service. Each month that the visitor remains in the service, you continue to get paid for this customer.

The thought of not having to work for a sale every month excites many affiliates, and is sometimes preferred over the pay-per-sale model that most affiliates are used to.

With these 4 types of affiliate programs that you can choose from, the options are endless. You can promote many different types of affiliate programs, but the bottom line is an effective strategy that has been proven to work time and time again.

If you’re not sure which one is best for you, try out each one and see which one earns you the most money. If the one that earns you the most money is something that you enjoy also, then you have found the perfect affiliate option for you. Good luck!

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