You may know how to recruit affiliates but if you do not know how to retain them then it does not help. Remember that you make money through your affiliates so unless you know how to handle your affiliates you would not be able to earn much.

Keep Your Affiliates Happy So after you have used your knowledge about how to recruit affiliates to work, it is time to put your knowledge regarding how to retain affiliates to work. The key to retaining your affiliates is to keep them happy. You can keep them happy if they continue to earn good. You can help them earn good by sharing your knowledge. Share your knowledge regarding how to make a sale, how to attract more traffic, how to build a website, how to place ads, create colorful banners, and anything that would help the affiliate make more sales.

It would also help if you share your knowledge about how to recruit affiliates because then they would be able to get more affiliates for your company. More affiliates mean more sales, which is good for your business.

The more you share your knowledge about how to recruit affiliates and how to make sales, the more motivated your affiliates would be. They will appreciate the attention they are getting and they will eagerly participate in your affiliated program. When you share your knowledge you help create a healthy relationship between you and your affiliates. A healthy two way relationship ensures that your affiliates stay with you for long term. In the long run this is what your business needs.

Focus Areas

To build a strong well oiled affiliate program you need to focus on certain key areas.

* Need to communicate effectively with your affiliates. Short and precise sales and follow up letters get the message across. So if you do not know how to write short and precise letters, learn to. Also learn to share your findings with your affiliates.

* Well organized communication system is also important. In your affiliate business you would be receiving hundreds of emails everyday. Put in place an efficient filing system so that your emails and messages are well organized and you do not miss a message. If you have learned the art of organizing your communication system, remember to pass on the knowledge along with your knowledge of how to recruit affiliates.

* Your affiliate program must have a marketing strategy. If you are new to the business, you might have to learn everything from scratch, like how to build a website, exchange links, and how to publish your articles so that you get the desired traffic to your website, etc.

So now you know how to recruit affiliates and how to retain them. A sound knowledge base ensures that your business runs smoothly. However, never become a miser and not share your knowledge. Share what you know and reap the benefits.

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 10:11 pm
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