More and more people are going online for more of their shopping. It is more convenient and, with fuel prices still high, they can actually save money. This is good news for online businesses. According to some recent findings, online businesses are forecasted to remain stable, or even increase even with the stock market on its roller-coaster ride. As more of us look to make some extra money during this time, we are looking for something legitimate to help us work from home.


The easiest thing to do is to sell what is already on hand. Most of us have things that we really don’t need or use and they are just sitting around collecting dust. You can sell those things on eBay or other auction site and it costs very little to list it. You don’t need an internet site to do this, just an eBay account (or an account with another auction site). My wife easily made over $500.00 just selling clothes she doesn’t wear any more.


If you do have a website or a blog, or are ready to start one, you can take part in affiliate marketing. This is very easy to set up, but don’t expect instant success. Basically, there are a lot of businesses on the internet that sell a product. To help them sell their products, they will join with people who have websites to become affiliates. You put an advertisement on your site with a special link back to the business. This link has information in it that identifies the visitor as coming from your site. If they purchase, you get a commission, some as high as 75%. The trick is that part of the advertising burden is now on you. You will need to drive traffic to YOUR site in order for people to see the ads.


If you create a website or a blog for affiliate marketing, you need to ensure that the content is not static, that is that it changes frequently. You also need to make sure that it contains information that is interesting and timely so that people will want to view it.


If you want to actually sell something without having to keep inventory, there are several companies that will host a storefront for you, for a setup fee and a monthly fee. You are still responsible for marketing your site and driving traffic to your store so you can sell their products and earn a commission.


Marketing is what it’s all about whether you go with affiliate marketing or your own store. This takes a lot of tenacity, but you can make it work. If it works for others, it can definitely work for you. Once your site is established and attracting visitors and making some money, you can enjoy a small break, but you will to spend some time every week maintaining your blog or site. Money can still be made on the internet, so why not you?

Chris Corrigan gives practical advice for family survival in tough economic times.
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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008 at 12:01 am
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