It seems nowadays, everybody has heard about the super popular online auctions and most of us have felt the excitement after we sold or bought something on the grand daddy of them all, Ebay. However, there is an increasing number of people that depend on Ebay as their main source of income. It should come as no surprise then, that the increasing fees to list items, is felt deeply by these sellers. In this article we will explore the site’s incredible profit potential, some ways to reduce the cost of doing business, and untold ways to profit from this megasite, even if your auction does not result in a sale.

With millions of people signing up everyday in the US and other Ebay sites around the world, there is unlimited potential for profits in the US and worldwide. At the end of 2006, there were over 212 million registered eBayâ„¢ buyers and sellers .The number of items on the site at any given time is around 19 million, more than 300 times the number of stock-keeping items in a typical Wal-Mart. Although, its traffic ranking in Alexa has dropped to number twenty, it’s still the number one auction site in the world and sellers still have very good potential for profits.

But as with any business endeavor, there are the ever rising expenses to contend with. When you list an item for sale on eBay, you’re charged an insertion fee, even if your item is not sold. And insertion fees are not refundable. If the item sells, you are also charged a final value fee. The total cost of selling an item is the insertion fee plus the final value fee. Since these fees has risen sharply over the past couple of years, sellers have resorted to reduce their impact by using the relisting credit option, sending second chance offers, reclaiming non-paying bidder fees and hosting their photos, amongst other very cost cutting strategies.

However, there some creative and legitimate ways to make money using Ebay without depending on Ebay ,even if your item does get any bids or if it does not sell. You can setup joint ventures with powersellers to sell your items to their massive list of buyers or you can offer the powerseller’s items to your list. You can also set up your own website and learn how to get visitors from your auctions, to come to your website and purchase your items without paying Ebay’s fees or breaking any of its rules. By learning how to capitalize on this auction site’s awesome amount of traffic and popularity, you can profit without their ever increasing fees, grow your online business and reduce your dependence on Ebay. Also, their affiliate program pays very good commission fees for referring people to their site and can become another unexpected source of income.

As you probably can tell by now, Ebay remains the number one site for selling and buying on the internet, and making money by using this mega auction site is still very possible and lucrative. There costs associated with conducting business on this site; however the amount of traffic and popularity can not be ignored. So, finding new and creative ways to take advantage of all the selling benefits this site has to offer is worth looking at. All is needed is a new way to look at it and start making some good profits.

About this guest author: JC Soto is an Ebay auction enthusiast and avid entrepreneur. His informational blog provides unbiased reviews of the best tools and ebooks for auction sales success, uncovers the best ways to profit online and gives away free some ebooks and other electronic goodies. To take advantage of this cool stuff and more make sure you check out JC’s site at:

Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 11:02 pm
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